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2019 by SHAWN SHAO シャオ


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During the rainy season, humidity mixes with air and clings to our bodies, it reminds me of the tackiness of water. Two sheets of wet paper stick with each other as soon as there’s one touching point in between. Also, in biology experiments, only one drip of water is needed to make the slide glass and cover glass adhere to each other. Based on these visual experiences, I started my own exploration. By raising the slides vertically, and letting them stand in the water, the water climbs all the way up inside the gap between the slides as if it is trying to escape the restrain of gravity. This phenomenon, in accord with how plants absorb water, is called capillary action. When you are trying to separate the slides, you can feel the tension in between. At this moment, water becomes a living being, trying to stretch its body under its free will. This phenomenon of water forming a line by itself reveals an unexpected beauty that human manipulation can hardly achieve.

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