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2019 by YURIKA TANAKA 田中佑理佳

Plaster, Fruit cushioning



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The sensual connection between a chair and its user, is  replicated by the combination of plaster and EPE foam net. Here, plaster becomes the structure, foam net becomes the cushion. By pouring plaster fluid on the shape covered with EPE foam net, a chair emerges. The surface texture changes in answer to the variation of the foam net’s color and mesh density, along with differences in hardness and fluid speed of the plaster during the manufacturing process. Chairs are just like human beings. They all have their own characteristics, and while they are standing, they have a particular direction to face. During the chair design project, I have a strong feeling that designing a chair is similar to getting to know a person. The process of getting to know other people contains so many unexpected episodes, that it has endless power fascinating me. Like the manner as how we walk, dance and sit freely under the effect of gravity, for this chair, plaster—a material can turn from liquid to solid form, trying to reach its limit by the force of gravity.

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