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2019 by SHOKO SATO 佐藤翔子

Iron, SRB Rubber



Every time someone tells me “This doesn’t look stable to sustain a heavy load.”, I secretly scorn “Are you kidding me?” It is not designed to support heavy stuff which can deform metal in the first place. Lucy is composed of two parts—— a solid area made by sheet iron painted in blue and a soft area made by rubber painted in green. Accordingly, either the inside or outside of Lucy can be playfully manipulated into difference shapes. Not to mention several functions, for somehow the thick rubber can create shapes out of curve lines which humor lurking inside. Lucy is the outcome of the experiment on how to visualize positive and negative spaces. There’s no intension to design the final product into a piece of furniture from the beginning. If I have to say, only the color is intendedly designed, other than that Lucy is purely a space.

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