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2019 by SOHMA FURUTATE 古舘壮真





Observe the relationship between substances and objects (features of spatial spread such as shape, position, movement, etc.) that are practical places for design and experience and knowledge that are tools for thinking Investigated design issues from discomfort and descrepancy. These are interior elements aimed at encouraging the act of capturing with a sense prior to recognition. “MASS” tried the most clear and direct approach to the theme of recognition from the element “form” which is the basic information of matter. The component of the modeling function in the 3DCG software is an object of “0” having no mass and composed of a surface having no thickness. I extracted unrealistic phenomena and shapes in which the objects intersect, protrude, and open holes, and tried to express them in the real world in which we live and in a three-dimensional space. These elements are a proposal of the viewpoint which intercepts experience and knowledge and perceives things not by "use" but by "element". Nowadays, machines and tools are overflowing with everyday life, and the unconscious work is increasing due to the close relationship with people. How will we change our lives by giving us room for new perception, recognition and thinking? 

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