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Melamine sponge, FRP Resin



Most of our daily products are manufactured under the standard to meet the aesthetic and needs for general public. As a result, those products are being just appropriate and homogeneous. Getting used to “homogeneity”, the outcome of modernization and industrialization, people’s curiosity and humanity is weakened. The relationship between human beings and objects or spaces are becoming more ostensible. Mould is designed by pouring resin inside a 10mm diameter hole opened in a large Melamine sponge. The force of gravity gives birth to the shape by pulling the resin fluid down and letting it sink into the sponge. Excavating from the sponge after solidification, Mould emerges. Users get to touch the inhomogeneous surface, and it conveys a straightforward expression like a primitive experience back to the users. Beneath the rough and irregular surface, hidden the manufacturing process. It is this hidden message that can reassess the value, redefine the meaning and find various perspectives as objects inside products. Not as consumers getting in touch with surrounding objects, instead, we ought to use objects as media, through which each person has his/her own stories and values. This could become the staring point to generate closer relationship between people and objects.


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