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2016 by YUMIKO SAKURAI 櫻井結実子

Hose, Aluminom pipe


切り込みを入れた水まき用ホースで素材をつなぐ、新しい構造の提案です。特別な道具を使うことなく組み立てができ、自由な高さの調節も可能です。ビニールホースの透明で丸みを帯びた形が、棒をつたう水滴のように見えたため、「しずく」や「結露」の意味を持つ名前をつけました。 この作品は私の卒業製作であり、3つのテーマを持ちながら課題をすすめました。



3.組み立て家具の研究・・・応用力があり、多くの人に受け入れてもらえるものを作りたい つなげ方や素材を変えることで、思い思いの空間を演出します。目的によって、たくさんの使い方がうまれることが理想です。

This is a proposal for a new structure that connects materials with a watering hose with cuts. It can be assembled without using special tools, and the height can be adjusted freely. The transparent and rounded shape of the vinyl hose looked like a drop of water with a stick, so I gave it a name that means “drop” or “condensation”. This work was my graduation work, and I worked on it with three themes.

1. Research on familiar materials ... Search for new ideas.

2. Research on the structure to assemble ... Interest in the process of making things.

3. Research on assembled furniture ... I wanted to make something that has application and is accepted by many people. Specific atmosphere with space can be created of your choice by changing the connection method and materials. Ideally, it can be used in many ways depending on the purpose.

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